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In the Service

I’m writing this a little late in the afternoon. We had a bit of a hectic morning. Elder Andrade got rather ill last night to this morning. He woke up at 11pm and threw up a little. I remained asleep at this hour. Around midnight he got up again and he woke me up as he basically also fainted leaving the bed. I offered the best of my medical skills, recognizing his low blood pressure and throwing a bunch of salt at the problem. His pressure returned to normal and I gave him a priesthood blessing. Then we returned to sleep. Then at 6:20am I woke up with the odd impression it was raining. Well it is raining now, but at that time Elder Andrade had thrown his head over his bed (he sleeps on the top bunk of our bunk bed) and began to vomit incredible amounts of brownish liquids. He got my sandals and our bags and splashed my beddings but thankfully the rest of the damage was minimal. I was waiting for an excuse to wash my beddings anyways. Got him out of bed, put him in the shower and mopped up the mess the good part of the morning. Washed the beddings of us both and disinfected the house. Put him into some of my warm clothes and put him back to bed.

As I kneeled on the floor mopping I was made to think of how Christ washed the feet of the apostles. While my cleaning up of the floor was nowhere near the sacred importance of that event I thought of his example of loving service. My first thought when I realized that he was throwing up this morning was a same whisper of anger from the adversary wishing that I respond with anger for making a mess on the floor. But as soon as it had come the thought was washed away by a feeling of love and care for my companion that I don’t think has yet  been this sick on the mission. I remembered how sick I got in February when I got here on my mission.

I thought about how much Christ must do this for us. How we make mistakes and he doesn’t yell at us or hit us in anger. Like Elder Sabin said in the conference a GPS doesn’t yell at us “You fool”, when the Saviour gives us course correction He guides us in how we can be cleaned and cleans up the results of our mess. That is the joy of serving, we learn more than we would have just reading, we learn in doing.

This week we also had an experience in overcoming the opposing whispers from the enemy as I received a prompting to go to a far-flung road that had never been visited and we had no clue what there was there. It was the longest walk of my mission, as we travelled down the avenue (and it really was a 5 minute walk) my mind was full of reasons not to go. I had no clue what there was there and I was trading valuable time to work on an unknown. We got to the corner of the road, it was night and we saw no house on the road. It appeared to be just a road with a school. I heard in my mind “well great, see you’ve wasted your time, now go back to work”. I decided I had already come all this way I might as well see what there was on this road. We got to the end and found a closed gate condominium with only an intercom. “Rich people, they’ll never listen to you, especially at night they won’t answer the door” the voice said again. I rung Number 7 and the man there left. He wasn’t much interested to hear us. “There you go see, proof no one will hear you here” the voice said again. I turned and then just felt, well we’ve come all this way, why not ring one more door? We rung Number 14. No one answered. As we waited a woman came to the gate to enter and asked us what we were doing. We responded we were looking for someone to share a message about Jesus Christ. She said we could share it with her so we gave a quick 3 minute explanation about The Book of Mormon. Before we finished our presentation about The Book of Mormon she asked if we could tell her more about The Book of Mormon and explained that she had a friend who had served a mission and had moved to the US recently and that she had been wanting to know more about The Book of Mormon but had since lost contact with her friend. We will return to teach her tomorrow. I’m glad I learned to persevere even through the discouraging whispers of the enemy.

Well that is my email for this week. I hope you are all well and I am excited to see you all again in November. Have a great week. I love you. Tim have a great graduation! Attached is a photo of the elders in our house with President Dalton at his last Interviews Meeting with us. I am wearing my new suit. Enjoy! Love you all be great!

I’ve always admired Qui-Gon Jinn

So I survived my week of essential quarantine. It was not as bad as I expected, after the initial shock I got over it and just lived life as usual. Got a lot of reading done and had a lot of time to think.

This week we had transfers come in, so President was at home fasting and praying for most of the week. After all the anticipation it was decided I would go to…. (drumroll) Itapecerica da Serra 1A! I will be a Senior Companion to Elder G. Rodrigues. Never met him, but I know he has 3 months in the mission and President is counting on me to help him have some success. I feel like a Jedi Knight now as more and more newer missionaries enter the mission around me. Some of them can be a bit impatient. Quite Anakin Skywalker-ish. I’ve always admired Qui-Gon Jinn… but I digress.

I washed my long coat so it is fresh and clean, ready to face the São Paulo pollution again! The smog was absolutely terrible this week and made it quite difficult at times to breathe. The sign posts showing time, temperature and such have always show green for air quality or “Ar Bom”. Occasionally I have seen yellow “Ar Mod”, but this week for two days straight I saw Orange “Ar Ruim”, for the first time in my mission.

Meanwhile the mission is getting sick. Actually I am quite mild in my sickness, I have no clue why I got stuck in the office but I just follow orders. One Elder is going to need surgery to fix his problem, put my griefs and woes in perspective.

I am really happy to be going back into the field and ready to reignite fogo nos ossos! Well I hope your week has been good all! Until next week! Here’s  my last picture with Elder Martins after we played goal-a-goal.

Goal on Goal


I Went to the Hospital this Week

I went to the hospital this week. Not much to say about that, except I got every test in the book. It all started when I was celebrating becoming rather skinny, then the ‘becoming more skinny’ didn’t stop. And no one knew why. A few days ago I started to have pain and a terrible cough. We had two suspects: tapeworms or appendicitis. Thankfully it was neither of these things. It was only pneumonia. Nevertheless I am not going to be working for a week. I am ordered to rest, stay out of the cold, and take antibiotics

I said goodbye to Elder Martins this week. It was sad!  I had two companions for two days. Now they are dropping me off at the office and returning to take charge of Figueira Grande. My time is up.   I  packed  my bags this morning. The Bishop asked me to wait for him to finish work so he could drive us to the office and say goodbye to me. I was sad to leave the area.
Not much to say. I love you all.