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I’ve always admired Qui-Gon Jinn

So I survived my week of essential quarantine. It was not as bad as I expected, after the initial shock I got over it and just lived life as usual. Got a lot of reading done and had a lot of time to think.

This week we had transfers come in, so President was at home fasting and praying for most of the week. After all the anticipation it was decided I would go to…. (drumroll) Itapecerica da Serra 1A! I will be a Senior Companion to Elder G. Rodrigues. Never met him, but I know he has 3 months in the mission and President is counting on me to help him have some success. I feel like a Jedi Knight now as more and more newer missionaries enter the mission around me. Some of them can be a bit impatient. Quite Anakin Skywalker-ish. I’ve always admired Qui-Gon Jinn… but I digress.

I washed my long coat so it is fresh and clean, ready to face the São Paulo pollution again! The smog was absolutely terrible this week and made it quite difficult at times to breathe. The sign posts showing time, temperature and such have always show green for air quality or “Ar Bom”. Occasionally I have seen yellow “Ar Mod”, but this week for two days straight I saw Orange “Ar Ruim”, for the first time in my mission.

Meanwhile the mission is getting sick. Actually I am quite mild in my sickness, I have no clue why I got stuck in the office but I just follow orders. One Elder is going to need surgery to fix his problem, put my griefs and woes in perspective.

I am really happy to be going back into the field and ready to reignite fogo nos ossos! Well I hope your week has been good all! Until next week! Here’s  my last picture with Elder Martins after we played goal-a-goal.

Goal on Goal


I Went to the Hospital this Week

I went to the hospital this week. Not much to say about that, except I got every test in the book. It all started when I was celebrating becoming rather skinny, then the ‘becoming more skinny’ didn’t stop. And no one knew why. A few days ago I started to have pain and a terrible cough. We had two suspects: tapeworms or appendicitis. Thankfully it was neither of these things. It was only pneumonia. Nevertheless I am not going to be working for a week. I am ordered to rest, stay out of the cold, and take antibiotics

I said goodbye to Elder Martins this week. It was sad!  I had two companions for two days. Now they are dropping me off at the office and returning to take charge of Figueira Grande. My time is up.   I  packed  my bags this morning. The Bishop asked me to wait for him to finish work so he could drive us to the office and say goodbye to me. I was sad to leave the area.
Not much to say. I love you all.