I got the Christmas Package from you all last week, still no sign of anything else, but it probably will show up Friday at the Mission Conference. Thank you!

It is Christmas, and things are not really all that festive here. We are in emergency prep mode here in missionary world as we are told that Christmas Eve here, out in the edge of the jungle, gets dangerous as it gets dark. I often see people driving with a bottle of beer in one hand and a marijuana cigarette in the other. Imagine if I was still in Capão… that would give some cool stories.

Today Elder Fróes and I bought food and I fully intend not to go to any store until the next year. We are fully stocked and they only just stopped me from buying a Turkey with the argument that our oven is not big enough for a turkey…..

I got my shoes fixed. It was cheap,  R$25. The sapateiro put airplane tire rubber on the bottom. My shoes now feel like Jackboots. Photos are attached just waiting for the videos to upload. The airplane rubber is actually quite heavy and hard, but they will last. The sapateiro was a post office worker and now is retired he doesn’t need to work because of the retirement. He fixes the shoes of a golf club so he can play for free and did a discount for me; he wants us to always return.


I will have to re-plug into the matrix when I return. A member gave me his phone to take a picture of the baptism record to send to the office and I was there with my companion for 5 minutes before we realized we had no clue how to take a picture.

The Ward Party went off normal. Lots of fellowshipping for Otavio. Unfortunately his sons are not too interested in Church but they like the activities. After we got everyone settled, we (the Elders) were hiding in the living room, because there was talk of throwing the Elders in the pool….

Otavio was confirmed yesterday as was Tainara. Otavio bore his testimony and left everyone crying. After the confirmation President Felix, the stake president made an announcement from the pulpit that he wants to interview Otavio for the priesthood before the end of the year and told him to get names ready for the temple 28 December. So things are going there. Otavio is now a star in the ward, being a single guy and there are, as usual, a lot of single sisters of the Relief Society. It was oddly bizarre, but funny.

And will upload photos and videos separately. Love you all!

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