Last Transfer

So it all begins. I received my companion Elder Pedrosa from Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro. I am the District Leader yet again. I did a training yesterday for the newly called Ward Missionaries and I will make some more visits this week to train them a bit more.

Teresópolis is the countryside of Rio. His father was Elder Moroni and served together with an irmão in our ward. Elder Pedrosa knew Sister Gadberry from my CTM District. His grandfather served in the Brazil Mission. There is some question if his great-grandfather was a member. He’s the result of one of the longer Brazillian member lines. It’s all weird. There’s also an irmã in the ward who served with Matt Padilla and her brother probably served with Elder Pedrosa’s brother.One  RM in the ward has a companion of his from the Mission Juiz de Fora who married with Sister Knighton who was finishing the mission when I was arriving. This Mormon World is very small.

Guess who I met in Santo Amaro last week?
Not much more to say about my week. It was busy helping organize the ward mission organization and helping the district run well. I am getting a bit tired with back pains. My companion jokingly says it’s old age . The rest is normal running after all sorts of documents to help these people I’m teaching to get married.

Hope I catch you online. Love you all!

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