Last Transfer

So it all begins. I received my companion Elder Pedrosa from Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro. I am the District Leader yet again. I did a training yesterday for the newly called Ward Missionaries and I will make some more visits this week to train them a bit more.

Teresópolis is the countryside of Rio. His father was Elder Moroni and served together with an irmão in our ward. Elder Pedrosa knew Sister Gadberry from my CTM District. His grandfather served in the Brazil Mission. There is some question if his great-grandfather was a member. He’s the result of one of the longer Brazillian member lines. It’s all weird. There’s also an irmã in the ward who served with Matt Padilla and her brother probably served with Elder Pedrosa’s brother.One  RM in the ward has a companion of his from the Mission Juiz de Fora who married with Sister Knighton who was finishing the mission when I was arriving. This Mormon World is very small.

Guess who I met in Santo Amaro last week?
Not much more to say about my week. It was busy helping organize the ward mission organization and helping the district run well. I am getting a bit tired with back pains. My companion jokingly says it’s old age . The rest is normal running after all sorts of documents to help these people I’m teaching to get married.

Hope I catch you online. Love you all!

A Picture to Start

I am going downtown this week to the Federal Police to pick up some documents to leave the country soon.

Transfers came in last night and here is the news for my last transfer I will return to being a District Leader in my last transfer. I will also train for the 5th time in my mission. I have no clue who will be my new companion as he will arrive tomorrow from the MTC. I believe that now I have the largest posterity in the mission. Speaking of posterity my firstborn Elder Fróes has been called to be the Zone Leader in Raneri.

We’re working hard to get a lot of work done before I’m out. Talked with Bishop this morning and he’s happy I’m staying. Yesterday he started calling a bunch of “Couple missionaries” basically ward missionaries but people who will actively (very actively) work in the missionary work, since the area is now rather large with new acquisitions and another companionship is not getting sent here. Now we have to plan with Bishop training to help these people learn how to teach by Preach My Gospel because almost all of them never learned how the Preach My Gospel teaching works.

Those are the basic things of my week. Building up the ward missionary organization are the main things I’ve been working on. The new Bishop was the ward mission leader so there is a lot of focus on the work in this ward. He’s really supportive, we’re doing a ton of Family Home Evenings these days and we are getting some investigators out of it. This is how missionary work was meant to be.

Hope all is well at home and hope to talk with you all a bit today. Love you!


Beginning of September

Dear Family,

This week was busy. We ran all around to get our baptism to happen. We baptized a sister. Her little brother Miguel (5) wanted to get baptized too and I had to explain to him that he will have to wait until he is 8 years old.

In any case my talk with him didn’t seem to help as he jumped into the water as I opened the door to enter to grab my bag to change into my baptismal clothes. He then complained about how he got wet, go figure.

Last night we had a fireside with President Cordner about how to share the Gospel through social media. We obviously weren’t there to do the actual sharing but to help the present members do the sharing. With some fumbling,  I and some members managed to send off an invitation. I am much less adept at navigating facebook than I was before I left.

This week during interviews President made me consider my testimony. I have begun considering what this means as I end my mission. Something President told me that has been in my head all week and probably will be for a good long while: “Others will fall, but I cannot. I’ve seen too much and I know too much to fall.”

Before the mission I had no idea what world it was that I had lived in or what world I was stepping into. I’m not saying this as an Alice in Wonderland or Narnia way but the fact that we truly do live in a war. I hear more and more about some Elders, I admired in the mission, now being less active or just now returning to activity. I am not one of them and I will not fall. I’ve seen too much to fall.

I know that this is the way. We must stay in the Old Ship Zion. We are safe here and the storm does rage on, but the storm will pass and the Captain is Our Own Saviour who commands the storms be still. He will comfort us and calm us and all storms we face, inside and out.

I love you all and am glad for who I have become here in the mission. I am happy to have learned how to be a disciple of Christ. Hope to hear from you this week. Bye!