I Don’t Have a Clever Title for this Week… Oh Well…

Mom, you were praying, weren’t you? Because after last week’s email the rain stopped and now we are in cloudless sunny days… I think this week I will travel back to Jardim Record on Friday to be at the wedding and baptism of Bruno and Fabiana, a couple we taught in my previous area.  I just need to get permission from President.

Last night I got a shocking realization of my own mortality (here on the mission that is to say). We were teaching a couple, and they were uncertain again about if they want to get married. Obviously, this happened because today she goes to the courthouse to mark the marriage date, so the opposition threw up a big fight in their house over something, to be honest, really stupid and small. It was like being an outside observer on a few Sunday mornings at home when I would get mad at trivial things, sorry by the way.

Elder Mariño stood up in the middle of it all with scriptures open and began to read and explain the scriptures. It seemed as if he read 5-6 scriptures giving a good explanation. The best thing is I know there is no way he could have planned anything he said. It was almost like Abinadi testifying before King Noah. Ever since I came to the area I have been telling Elder Mariño to just trust in the Spirit and say whatever it is that the Spirit commands. Last night I saw very clearly that he has learned the principle.

It was in this that I ended up wishing that my trainer had taught me these things. Maybe they did and I just wasn’t paying close enough attention or they didn’t, but I realize now that things flow so much easier when we follow the Spirit. Well all this is part of the learning process, isn’t it?

By the way, it’s all funny, because I discovered a few weeks ago that my District Leader Elder Wilson was a subscriber to my blog before he came out on the mission. So there was the “oh you’re Elder Done” moment. He’s a cool guy, competent leader and self-motivated.

Audrey already got back to school? And she’s in her Sophomore year? Time passes fast. Tim got his first paycheck, huh? Did he see income taxes? Have a great week everyone!


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