Save Ferris

Shortly after last week’s email, I went down. Tuesday around lunchtime I was caring for Elder Andrade still recovering and then I came down with the same thing. Tuesday morning for us was funny as Elder Andrade’s mom got into contact with literally every member of the church in the state of Sao Paulo to search out her sick son. We got calls from people we have never seen asking if Elder Andrade was well. It was very much like Save Ferris, a reference I frequently made and no one understood.

Well, I didn’t get out to work again until Thursday. So there is not much to report on the work front this week. But all the action happened Tuesday night. I was much worse than Elder Andrade and ended up going to the hospital at about 9 pm. I am really grateful that Bishop Cabral took us to the hospital and stayed with us until we got out the next morning at almost 6 am Wednesday morning. I ended up using my personal card to pay for medicine that we will get reimbursed for since a lot of my remaining money went to buying Gatorade (which is really expensive) to keep myself and Elder Andrade hydrated.

I got permission to start looking at possible courses for BYU so I started glancing at what to do when I get back. I went off to Santo Amaro today for two reasons. Elder Freire had an eye doctor’s appointment and I had an interview with President Dalton to renew my temple recommend.

This week I’ve been thinking about my email last week. How I was able to grow from service, and how this week I have been able to learn from being served. I didn’t want to let Bishop take us to the hospital and stay with us the whole night but I learned why we did it. We did it for the same reason we ask others for a priesthood blessing. We cannot serve ourselves partly because we need to learn that we are dependent on others and they need the opportunity to serve as well. President Dalton once told me that the great secret of missionary work is that it is more for us than for others. That Heavenly Father calling us to the labour is like a father calling his son to help him mow the yard. The Father knows it will take him two more hours to get the job done, and maybe it would not even be done so well, but he knows his son will learn how to do it. God can convert people faster than we can, but he knows it will help us learn and grow.

Grateful to learn to serve and be served. Especially grateful that Christ served me in atoning for my mistakes so that I can be better each day. Tim, have a great graduation tonight and keep moving forward. Always read your scriptures. Always say meaningful prayers. Always look to learn from serving in the Church. If we do these things we never will fall away.


Have a great week everyone. I love you all! Until next week.

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