New District, New Lessons

This week was a shock of a lot of new things to be learned and experienced. My new companion Elder Costa is from Belém, Pará. So far, it seems our companionship is going well. At present in the first week of the transfer my district is leading the mission so we are doing great.

Before I forget the Ward Mission Leader here is asking if I could leave him a baseball as a keepsake. And I only have Bella, Dad’s baseball and I’m not too fond of the idea of leaving Bella here. Can you please search to see if there is a store in the mission that sells baseballs?

One of my new elders in the district is Elder Bowcutt, formerly the ex-assistant to President Dalton. At the beginning of the week I found it very easy to feel uncomfortable leading him. Then I got along to reading the talk given by Hugh B. Nibley at BYU called Leaders and Managers. I found this talk while searching for resources to help me become a better leader on the church website. It helped me realize how to be a leader here, that while a manager feeds on mediocrity making everyone less than him, a leader promotes those below him with their abilities because a leader is caught up in a greater purpose and devoid of personal agenda and ambitions. It was and is a good talk to study. Would recommend.

Nothing much else happened. I’m fighting my way through a ton of food that the members gave us this week so we are all eating well. Also Elder Costa’s uncle and aunt were visiting a family friend in Embu das Artes just a bit south so they passed by with food from home for him. Blocks of frozen açaí from Pará. Maybe now I’ll see what my other companions paraenses wouldn’t stop talking about.

I’ll send the photo from our district shirt at the end of last transfer. I organized the shirt deal and learned yet again that one inspired leader is much more effective than the endless debate of democracy. Results are better and everyone is happy in the end.

Love you all have a great week!

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