Transfer calls came in yesterday I will stay in Casa Grande for a fourth transfer (a total of 6 months) and receive an Elder direct from the MTC, he will be my second son in the mission. I do not know his identity as I will only learn this in the middle of tomorrow’s meeting in Santo Amaro. I remain District Leaders so… it’ll be a very busy transfer training a brand new leader and a district of mostly new people. In fact I am now going to be the oldest person in the District. Myself and Elder Santos that is but we have the same amount of time in the mission, but I have marginal days in front of him because of MTC.

I made a goal to finish the Bible before the end of my mission in portuguese something I’ve never done in english. This week I finished the Pentatuch and I found some really fun scriptures. Thought Mom and Dad would like Deuteronomy 21:18-21. Thank goodness the Law of Moses was fulfilled. I think none of us would have survived.
It is odd to believe that the mission has almost completely changed in all this time. Now I’m the old guy. I believe I heard recently that Elder R. Santos is finishing up soon. Soon enough few of my comps will still be in the mission.
We can’t even walk in our house anyways because the neighbors the floor below complain at the slightest noise. Annoying but I need to be somewhat tolerant. I can’t exactly tell them that their discomfort isn’t really important to me and that no one tells me what to do in my house because I feel like that isn’t exactly in line with being a representative of Jesus Christ. So I just keep quiet and let other elders work with them, because if I talk to them there will be problems.

But in any case…. I’m getting a good hike in each day as we are walking up to São Rafael these days to find people that haven’t had much exposure to the missionaries. Hopefully it works because days without anyone letting me in to teach is driving me crazy. Especially in the rain with winter approaching.
Speaking of which, there have been crazy storms these days. Earlier in the week we hid from a hailstorm with hailstones the size of large marbles. When that lessened up the First Counselor in the Bishopric found us and asked for some help discovering why water was filling his house after a lightning bolt fell on top of his house. It was a cool day. That and Elder Jofre almost drowned above ground as we fought to get our gate open.
I don’t get too much chocolate craving problems….. I ate two days ago corn in milk with a bit of sugar because it is the end of the transfer and no one has money. Pizza is less nowadays because everyone’s become pão duro, mão de vaca, in short tight fisted. There are even disputes about who is buying toilet papers for the house. I buy toilet paper because even I have limits.

Fortunately my pants are holding up better than everyone else. It is confirmed by members that I am at present the fittest in my house. All the other elders in the house have a problem with their pants splitting down the middle.
My area here isn’t really an area that would have [tailored slacks]. I’ll go scouting on my way to see if there is anything in Santo Amaro. I might have to take a P-Day to go hunting for a tailor in Santo Amaro. If I get a suit tailored out here it won’t be used on the mission, I’ll wait until I get home to use it. But I was thinking about how I would style it. I got some ideas.
I imagine that Jayden (L.) and Tim get along well as they now share the same interests in sports. Unless Jayden is a Seahawks fan.
Time ending now. Love you all have a great week!

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