Closing off the Transfer

We closed off the transfer in the District. This week in the district 5 of the 6 baptisms in the zone were realized and the Zone Casa Grande was the Zone Batizadora this week in the President’s letter. Now that we’ve got that bit of Gloria dos Homens squared away I’ll continue with the rest of my letter.

I will stay in Casa Grande one more transfer and receive Elder Jofre from Argentina (I’m told). He has more time than me in the mission in fact he has two more transfers before he ends. I found it interesting that I am receiving him as recently we have encountered a family of Bolivans that is a little hard to communicate with, given I do not speak Spanish.

This morning I finished the Doctrine and Covenants for the first time in my life, really studying them. And what’s more, I studied them in Portuguese. It was a rough few days as I spend a few minutes in Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants and I found myself pushing through the Isaiah chapters, still understanding very little there. Waiting for the clarity Nephi talks about.
Hope all is well at home! I love you all!

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