Crazy Life

Still here in Casa Grande, obviously the transfer just started. I got to do my first two baptismal interviews this week in my district. Neither was baptized but it was a good experience with them and we are all hoping they will continue progressing to be baptized in the future.I Voted

We Americans here in the zone are all rather anxious about the outcome of tomorrow’s election. Most of us have sanity, others don’t, all in all I remain the only one who voted. The downside I have discovered about voting absentee is I do not get an “I Voted” Sticker. And I am feeling greatly excluded in that, but what can we do? Except for fasting and prayer.

It is hard to imagine that Bishop Padilla already has finished. I feel like he was called as Bishop only a short time ago. But the new bishopric I’m sure will do a great job. They’re all pretty young guys.

By the way let Tim know I used the pocket square this Sunday, I took some pictures but the lighting is terrible because I had so little time Sunday morning. But I was the only person in the stake using a pocket square.

We had a really cool thing happen. Actually it was last week. My companion and I were asked to give a blessing. However I had forgotten my oil at home because I switched to using a new-used bag and hadn’t put my oil in that bag. My companion had his vial, but we both knew it was empty as it fell and spilled everything on the floor and we had not refilled his vial. I looked inside and it was empty. But we really needed to give a blessing. So I took the vial in my hands and said a prayer to have at least one drop of oil in the vial to give the blessing, the smallest drop of oil. When I went to anoint the irmã we spilled quite a bit of oil on her head because the vial was filled. What follows is the account that my companion shared to President Dalton in his email last week and President, after asking our permission shared it in his email this week to the mission.

What Elder Fróes wrote:

“Essa semana, estávamos na casa da irmã Lucélia e ela pediu para nós dar uma benção na cunhada dela que estava doente e com o pé quebrado. Fomos ver o óleo no recipiente e não tinha nada, estava vazio. Elder Done pegou o recipiente e fez oração para que pelo menos tivesse uma gota para que pudéssemos abençoar esta mulher. Depois da oração, quando ele abriu para dar a benção, o reipiente estava cheio de óleo e conseguimos dar a benção. Foi ótimo o espirito lá dentro.”

Love you all!

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  1. Loved the pictures of you that your mom shared on Facebook. Great mission stories.
    Keep up the good work. We love you, Gma Done

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