Leaving the Area Stronger

itapecerica-da-serraWell we finished off this transfer strong with our tiny district of four elders having three baptisms yesterday. My companionship had 1 baptism, making the total number of baptisms in the past 6 weeks 5. In total here in Itapecerica da Serra I have had 9 baptisms. Photos will follow when I find a suitable LAN House. We also succeeded in bringing 17 people to church yesterday, 12 of which were investigators.

We baptized the children of families that are working to be married. Hopefully, soon they too will follow.  Yesterday was also the baptism of Silvio. Although not my area his is a great story I will write on a physical letter and send it as time is running quickly here and I want to tell you more things.

I heard last week that Antonio (from Figueira Grande) is active and very excited in his calling (the usher for Sacrament Meeting) and is preparing to get the Melchizedek Priesthood. In the next month William (my first baptism in this area) will receive the Melchizedek Priesthood next month. He is preparing to go on his mission.

I’m happy for the time I spent here in Itapecerica da Serra 1A, but I’m also ready and excited for the next area. Now for the transfer news…I will be sent to Casa Grande where I will serve as the District Leader and finish the training of my new companion, Elder Froés. This District has six companionship as it appears. Well let us go with this challenge.

As I live in São Paulo I encounter a lot of people from the Bahia. It is actually a little difficult to find people that were born and raised in São Paulo; majority are from other states, like Bahia. I find Bahia food so good! I am going to get the recipe for rabada (beef tail stew) and practice making it.

Hope all is well at home. Love you all!

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