I Got to Wear Jeans (smile)

And Transfer calls came in last night and thankfully I am staying yet another in this area. This area really has been a learning experience and I now think I have the hang of things to do something really great here. My companion, Elder G. Santos is getting transferred, so I have outlasted two companions in the area now. I will receive Elder Delgado from Cabo Verde Africa as my new companion tomorrow, yes another Cabo Verdiano 😉Brazilian National Flag Waving in Blue Sky

This week was the Brazilian Independence day, on 7 September, so we had a mission wide service project. I am currently loading the photos Elder Loveless took during the event to find any with wonderful me to send to you guys, since we were advised not to bring cameras to avoid losing them or being distracted from actually working. I got to wear jeans in public for the first time in forever and the sensation was quite odd.

We did not manage to baptize anyone this week, we are hitting the three standards again though which at least was a good strong end to the transfer that may have otherwise been difficult. I found out how I can overcome my weakness to stop people in the street (which has been a thorn in my side for a while now) I just knock on doors when I need to get some new people to teach. Do people still reject us, yes, lots of times. But when people accept us we generally get more than just one person if the family is home.

Miracles happened this week that helped us hit the Three Standards. We, by the three standards of our mission, need to have 15 investigators and less-active members in the chapel each sunday. This has been really hard. We have been working with a large less active family that recently sent a son on his mission, we were certain that they would come to church this week but they didn’t and we were quite disappointed. Then we started to count all the others that had showed up, members had brought enough people for us to hit the number we needed and now we have a ton more people to visit.

I will see if these photos are loading, and send any along I get a hold of, Love you guys!

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  1. So glad you are working hard, having success, and working with good companions. We went to Utah to visit the Calls, had a mission reunion, went to Utah for Conference, but never actually got to SLC, then drove down to Albuquerque to visit Donna. It was a long trip but we really enjoyed it. I hope you are taking good care of yourself, eating well and loving every minute of your mission. Before you know it, it will be a memory. We love you and keep you in our prayers daily. Love, Grandma

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