First Week Run

So the first week has been completed this transfer with almost hitting the 3 standards and 2 baptisms. I will find a way to send photos another day because I am in the Lesser LAN-House.

Elder Delgado is a good companion, hard worker, a little quiet. He is taller than Elder Agre, so I feel a little bit of a Napoleon complex but working on it. We need to integrate our teaching a bit better but that will come with time.

Spending so much time looking for new people and finding a ton of less active members. I’ve been talking with the Elders Quorum President about how we can reactivate all these less active irmãos so we can have more priesthood in the ward. But we keep trying.

Today after I write this we are going  to Santo Amaro. It’s about an hour bus ride from here. I will also start my list today and send to you next week. Packages have been arriving normally without problem here. Unless you are Elder Moos who has cameras sent in the mail to here.santo-amaro

Love you all!

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