Clears out the nose quickly

This week we did not have a baptism, but we confirmed our last two baptisms.

I was preparing my next planner when I realized in the next transfer I will complete one year on the mission, to me a quite terrifying prospect.

Got a little sick this past week, but I broke down, bought medicine, and asked Sister Dalton to get permission for a little rest. I rested in house a little after lunch and then left to work again in the afternoon. It is amazing how much medicine would clear something quickly. That and lots of lemons and oranges, boiled in water with ginger and a strong cough drop. Clears out the nose quickly.

Elections are next week or a little more here in Brazil. You can imagine how crazy the roads are, such a headache.

Typing on this computer makes Mormon’s efforts to engrave on the gold plates seem easy.

Love you all have a great week.

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