Healthier Now

I am healthier. I just have a slight cold, but that is because out of nowhere came this round of freezing rain. It gets interesting when our clothes get wet because as of yet I have only seen one dryer machine existent in Brazil. Drying socks by the iron is interesting.


The week has been a little discouraging, but I find comfort when I read scriptures.
I have spent my time reading the Bible. It actually is quite entertaining. 1 Samuel until 2 Kings is full of crazy things. Did you know that Absolom (spelling), David’s Son, had to cut his hair every year because it gave him a headache as it weighed more than 3 kg. He died because of his hair, as he rode away from battle on his mule his hair got stuck in the branches and his mule continued on without him. He was stuck in the tree suspended by his hair until his enemies found him and killed him. It makes for good comedy.

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