Mudança Magico dos Missionarios

I apologize, the subject line did not work in English too well. So I wrote it in Portuguese.

Ahhh…. I actually had pictures to send this week, including my new haircut, but this machine  does not have a place to put my card to attach photos. I will just have to print them out and send them through snail mail because we are now using the LAN House closer to the house.


So we had transfer last week. We received a new District Leader, Elder De Campos. Okay a short refresher course if you forgot, I worked with Elder De Campos in Guarapiranga, but my goodness last week when he entered the house I could already feel that there had been a great change wrought upon him. This week he has continually surprised me with the ways he has changed and how he somehow has achieved to gain my respect as a leader. And now I have made a decision that if he could change in such a great manner, why not me? Now I just have to find a way to perfect perfection. (I’m joking!)

When it comes to the work it was a little discouraging with people running away from us. People, who last week were progressing really well, now all of a sudden they have a fear of us. But we will discover what happened. We had one rescue, Juliana. She was baptized six years ago in the Bahia with her brothers and mother. They had since gone less active when they arrived in São Paulo. Juliana is now reactivated. We are reteaching them all the lessons, also with the intention of baptizing the youngest son Wesley (14).

Last week was hard, but things are getting better now. The sun is rising on São Paulo.

Love you all!

Healthier Now

I am healthier. I just have a slight cold, but that is because out of nowhere came this round of freezing rain. It gets interesting when our clothes get wet because as of yet I have only seen one dryer machine existent in Brazil. Drying socks by the iron is interesting.


The week has been a little discouraging, but I find comfort when I read scriptures.
I have spent my time reading the Bible. It actually is quite entertaining. 1 Samuel until 2 Kings is full of crazy things. Did you know that Absolom (spelling), David’s Son, had to cut his hair every year because it gave him a headache as it weighed more than 3 kg. He died because of his hair, as he rode away from battle on his mule his hair got stuck in the branches and his mule continued on without him. He was stuck in the tree suspended by his hair until his enemies found him and killed him. It makes for good comedy.

Seven Fatfleshed Kine, Seven Sickly Kine


New mission joke based on truth I discovered this week, on the mission we live out Pharaoh’s Dream. Receiving the allowance every 2 weeks we live a week of feasting and plenty and a week of living off of whatever storage we have amassed. This is true especially in this zone when we have to take the bus to get to District Meetings, 3 hours away…

I had pictures this week to send however the usb in this machine is not working currently. I will be sending my card back to you guys as soon as I get it back, I gave it over to the Second Counselor in the Bishopric who works with computers, our cards have been picking up viruses in these LAN Houses.

I am having to really kick up my game as Senior Companion now, especially with this new investigator Michael. Michael lives across the street from the chapel and plays American Football as a linebacker. He asks a lot of questions, but good questions. He is learning really fast and the questions he asks really makes us study. He recognized really quickly when we taught him about the Great Apostasy that he needed to be baptized by authority and asked how he could find someone who could baptized him with authority. We then taught the Restoration.

Yesterday Michael went to church with us and learned about the Word of Wisdom, we hadn’t taught him that lesson yet and were slightly worried how he would take it. As we talked with him afterwards he said he was going home to throw out the coffee he had in house. All throughout sacrament meeting he would point at people: the Bishop, the Priests blessing the sacrament, the Deacons and asked if they have authority to baptize.

I will receive a new companion this week, Elder G. Santos the same Elder I shared a house with back in Figueira, it’ll be great. Today I will buy a usb and start downloading videos we use in teaching because the DVD always breaks.

Hope all is well at home! Love you all.