Bathroom Surprise

I looked in the bathroom and what did I see? This thing on the floor that grossed me out! (picture omitted)

No it is not real. It is a piece of waste cement the other elders found, but it looks so very real!

I know the Elders already scared the Bishop who lives in the house above us with it. It is quite convincing. We’ve terrorized other elders when they stayed at our house, as our house is the waypoint of the Zone. It takes about 3 hours to cross our zone by bus, and the buses do not run very early to São Lourenço and Juquitiba, so those elders asked to stay at our house when we had an early meeting in Santo Amaro. Their mistake. We had lots of laughs!

What’s the latest at home? How’s the Presidential race? So, I have Trump, Clinton, & Johnson to choose from? Hmmm…. I will probably receive my absentee ballot in October.

We had a baptism. Making a total 4 in this area so far. He is the nephew of the couple we baptized a few weeks ago. He is 18. I feel old now.


I had a good conversation with  a sister in our ward who is a temple worker with her husband. Her stories were inspiring, bringing me to a realization that I should remind myself not to be prideful. All that I have is from above. Powers of Temple Workers….

Hope you all have a good week! Love you all.

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