They All Don’t Like Brasillia

I am on a division right now. Elder L. Silva from Manaus, capital city of the Amazonas state likes to have fast internet so I got him to agree to do a division with me, and we walked far for a faster internet!  So, I am in a better LAN House! How are you all doing?

It’s interesting to live in a different place and learn a lot about people and culture. I found out that it is a hard work for some Brazilians from different regions to get along.Right now I live with Elders who come from  Amazonas and Para, their states  have a rather vicious hatred toward each other, a few wars and such between the tribes. They are learning to deal with each other, and practice charity.

Brazil is full of this hatred between states or regions, I have no clue how it is all kept together. The only thing I think they can agree on is they all don’t like Brasillia.

Thanks for the news update! The people really went to the aid of Erdogan? They’ve hated him for the past 5 years I remember with his imprisonment of journalists, opposition to Kurdistan, and a bunch of other things. Interesting!

This was my first slump week in the area. For the first time this transfer I failed to hit all three standards of excellence,. It was hard to get people to accept our message this week. Normally we have a 50% rate of people accepting, but this week it was more like 25%.

We did get a visit from Elder Campos of the Seventy this week for our mission tour. It was good, attached is a picture.

Zona Itapecerica com Síster e Élder Campos da Setenta

This week we finally got to bring Floriano and Carla to church. Floriano is a bit old and I don’t think he has left his sofa for about 9 months now. He had an accident nine months ago, fell about 7 meters and absolutely destroyed his femur bone, it has since reformed, but in a deformed way. He can no longer walk. He had Irmão Flavio use his perua (little bus) to drive us and them to church.

He was really happy to have the sunlight touch his skin again and is happy we are visiting him. He was a member of the Congregação Cristão no Brasil for many many years, yet since his accident he has not seen any of them again, no one went to visit him. Reinforced to me why we do Home Teaching in our church.

I hope all is well at home and you all stay safe. Be well!

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