There Can Be Miracles, When You Believe

Five points to whoever can name the film I am referencing in the subject line…

This was a week of personal bests. Had a baptism and then confirmed, beat all the 3 padrões de ouro, and brought 13 people to church yesterday. So yeah it was a successful week. The thing is a majority of the people we talked to and said they would go to church didn’t go. So we were a little disappointed, all our work would be for nothing. Then people just started showing, some of them had never even talked with members of the church before. They just saw the chapel and came in to visit. We talked with them after, got their information and they accepted to have us visit  next week in their houses. It will be a busy week indeed.

This week we have two baptisms lined up José Roberto and Maria Zilda, we took them to the courthouse to get married legally. Now they are kicking their addiction to coffee and they are scheduled for baptism this Wednesday.

It is frustrating being the only American in the area, but I am working to survive despite the frustration.

What is going on in Politics?  Can you please send me the Star-Spangled Banner complete, including the 4th verse if you’re online?  For the first time, it wasn’t part of my Sunday hymn yesterday. I love you all, Happy 4th of July!SAM_0084

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  1. Pizza looks good. It’s good to hear you are staying busy teaching, baptizing and changing people’s lives for the better. I have loved being back in the USA for July 4th. We miss you and hope you are staying healthy and happy. Love Grandma

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