I Went to the Hospital this Week

I went to the hospital this week. Not much to say about that, except I got every test in the book. It all started when I was celebrating becoming rather skinny, then the ‘becoming more skinny’ didn’t stop. And no one knew why. A few days ago I started to have pain and a terrible cough. We had two suspects: tapeworms or appendicitis. Thankfully it was neither of these things. It was only pneumonia. Nevertheless I am not going to be working for a week. I am ordered to rest, stay out of the cold, and take antibiotics

I said goodbye to Elder Martins this week. It was sad!  I had two companions for two days. Now they are dropping me off at the office and returning to take charge of Figueira Grande. My time is up.   I  packed  my bags this morning. The Bishop asked me to wait for him to finish work so he could drive us to the office and say goodbye to me. I was sad to leave the area.
Not much to say. I love you all.

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