An Honest & Sweaty Greeting

I teach English to a few here every week. Today, when Elder Burnside and I went to the chapel  we found that some primary kids have been trying math. It gave us a chuckle!

Math is Hard

Rainy. Ever since Elder Holland pronounced his Apostolic blessing on Brazil it hasn’t stopped raining. At least here in São Paulo. President Dalton reminded us today that in these past 2 weeks we’ve received more rain than in the past 2 years. Elder Holland literally opened the heavens

We also got permission to play goal-a-goal. Essentially we got permission to shoot goals in football, but President Costa has said quite firmly that while he is President of the Brazil area he will not permit missionaries to play football. So President Dalton said we will leave it at that. Speaking of which I have a funny story. We had interviews with President Dalton. To get there I ran in my suit across our zone. It was quite an athletic feat for me. I was the first to greet President when he entered the Chapel and I gave him a hug. Our conversation was the following:

President: Elder Done how are you?

(awkward pause as I searched for words)

Elder Done: Sweaty.

(awkward pause as President distances himself from my hug)

President: ….okay….

He  told me what he was thinking later in the interview. He said “At least I know Elder Done that you will always be honest with me

A Seventy came to stake conference this week. Too bad, Antonio wasn’t able to come. We actually haven’t seen him all week because he now leaves almost 3am and returns home around 10:30pm since his company transferred him to Zona Norte, which to give you an idea of his commute it would be like working in DC and living in Northern North Carolina. He just wants to get through it so he can collect his retirement fund without losing it. Such a difficult assignment for the poor old guy before he can lock down his retirement fund.  The way he described it,  if he doesn’t work,  all the years and days he signed for he loses most of it. Which is why he doesn’t want to change jobs

At the conference, the Seventy called all the Missionaries to the front and told us to sing Called to Serve. President Dalton was there too. He gave a talk about how important missionary work is. He also made a point to impress upon the minds of  investigators in the audience that they need to listen to our message and accept it. Thankfully we brought at least one there because Stake Conference was far.

President Dalton told the story of when Brigham Young talked with Joseph Smith 3 years after the Martyrdom and the counsel the Prophet gave to President Young: Keep with the Spirit. After 3 years beyond the veil with all the knowledge he would have gained there, his only counsel was to tell the Saints to keep with the Spirit

Elder Martins is leaving the mission. He will finish his mission in the USA so he can see his family after the mission. His visa would expire and he’d need a new visa if he stayed here. I’ll miss him. Well, I got to go. Take care! I love you all!


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  1. My thoughts for Antonio are that he is no stranger to the Savior. If the true desires of his heart are to be a part of the gospel, a way will open up for him. How long before he can retire?
    Keep up the good works, Elder Done. We return home on Friday evening, and I can assure you the hardest part of going home is saying goodbye. We leave many good friends and members we learned to love, but we take with us many fond memories. Our Area President gave us our release this morning. Time did fly fast as we look back. Have a good week, stay dry! Love, Grandma

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