Transfers: Two Men Enter – None Leave

Transfer calls came in last night and…. NOBODY GOT TRANSFERRED! WOOOO! I think we are planning on celebrating with Pizza, we’ve gone about 2 week without ordering pizza and that is a record. We are all really good friends out here in the house so it is good.

Because of the potential for more pictures of Pizza I will save my card tonight and send sometime in the next week but this is a definite it will be out of my hands within a week.

I learned last night why there are always fireworks. They aren’t celebrating anything. They just use fireworks to communicate where police are and when drugs arrive. At least that’s what Elder Burnside told me yesterday. FIreworks just got a little less festive. 🙁

Today I will try to buy food for the house. I have been surviving on peanut butter and local honey for the past week. I spent my last groceries all on fruits and vegetables because someone got it into my head that I need to eat more natural. But then I realize that I need a lot of fruit and vegetables to keep going. So today or when we get money again I will buy a pumpkin and some beef and try to make beef stew and put  in the pumpkin. Beef stew recipes will be much appreciated. I promise pictures.

A wall in my area
A wall in my area

I learned last night to talk with everyone, even though they might be scary. Passed a house and there was a scream from inside, then Elder Martins and I got the feeling to knock the door. Naturally worried. Then the guy who answered was a guy about 21 or so with a band shirt for the band “Slayer”. Again apprehensive, but it was a nice conversation about how he feels his relation with God is and he invited us back. Let’s see how this goes.

Love you all! Until next time!

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  1. I’m a little concerned about the picture with the knife, but will always remember you are being watched over by a WISE Heavenly Father.
    Beef Stew with pumpkin, hmmm, interesting. A few suggestions of recipes. If possible, coat the meat chunks with flour, salt and pepper. Brown in some oil in a large pan, then remove meat from the pan, add 1-2 cups water or beef broth to the pan to loosen all of the bits left in the pan. Return meat to the liquid in the pan, add chunks of pumpkin, diced tomatoes, fresh or canned, chopped onion, potatoes cut in chunks, season with garlic and salt to taste and let simmer or bake in a slow oven for 3-4 hours until meat, pumpkin and potatoes are soft. This is best done while you are at home so it doesn’t burn. Stir occasionally. You can substitute pork or chicken for beef and use chicken broth. Yum. I think I will make this for dinner.
    OR, brown the meat, season it, add water (or broth) and simmer slowly and add a bag of frozen or can of mixed vegetables, green beans, peas, tomatoes, etc., towards the end. Cube the pumpkin and roast it in the oven with seasoning and coated with a little oil. For the best beef stew, the secret is simmer or bake slowly to tenderize the meat.
    As a missionary you get to witness the transformation of people’s lives from scary guys in band shirts to humble members of the Church. Those are the ones you go back to visit 40 years later to see generations of their family as strong church leaders in Brazil. We have heard many of those stories here in Guatemala from Senior missionaries who now have returned to serve again with their wives.
    We love you and wish you much success sharing your testimony as one of the Lord’s chosen to serve in Brazil.
    Love, Grandma

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