Toasted Bread with Honey


Today was my final day at the pedologist. I woke at 5am to get to the foot doctor so I could be back home before P-Day ended.I just had to wait for machines to clear up in the LAN house and now I am here.

I ate a few pieces of bread and ham for breakfast. I haven’t eaten lunch yet I will after this. The bakery by our house is awesome. They sometimes hook us up with free bread.

I have been eating something 3 times a day. In the States it may not be considered a meal. I don’t really have that much time to prepare a ton of food. But I eat at least toasted bread with honey. I am on a John the Baptist diet.

It is less cold now, but it is raining today. Weather here is the most bipolar thing on the planet. The only certainty is the nights are cold. Other than that you have to guess. When you bring a jacket, it is hot. When you leave it at home, it is cold.

By the way almost forgot, did you guys move? Because last week I got a stack of letters returned to me. The US Postal Service said they tried looking for the house but they couldn’t find it. I was wondering why Mom didn’t comment on my Mother’s Day card. Yes, I wrote: “Par Avion” on the envelopes. They made it to the US. They have the US Post Office return sticker on it. I know because it was in English.


The members are doing a good job fellow-shipping Antonio. He is really  excited when we talked with him last Sunday about paying tithing when he gets his next paycheck. So at least it appears he is staying firm. We also found a family that is really good to him.. The Ward is getting better at integrating.

We had a service project with Antonio. It went great! When you have six guys with machetes, things go pretty fast. I have never seen so terrifying a scene as Antonio walking up a really steep hill with unsure footing with a three foot machete in his hands raised over his head. We did it fast, now we just need to let it dry, soak in gasoline, then the HP Group can have a bonfire.

Other than that all is well here, continuing to work hard. I am now taking a larger role trying to motivate the District. ¬†My companion keeps saying he thinks I’ll be assigned as a District Leader. I keep telling him not to invoke that curse on me

That’s all for this week. Stay well all, love from the front.


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  1. We don’t need a position of leadership to sustain and motivate. My prayer for you, Elder Done, is for you to share your sweet spirit with all, regardless of any position of leadership.

    Enjoy your successes and remember your failures. That’s called experience.

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