Million Dollar Shot

I got shot! The doctors told me it was a million dollar shot, but the mission must keep that because I still haven’t seen one nickel.

I had a crazy allergic reaction to a new fruit I tried.In the future I will not eat katchki (sp?); it is a red fruit that looks like a tomato. I had a reaction that was quite dangerous, my throat closed up as did my ears. We were eating in the house of the First Counselor in the Bishopric. Thankfully he had a car and drove me to the hospital.

Mom do not worry, I tell you this story because I trust you won’t worry. Also I will call 4pm my time. We have to finish our calls by 5pm so that it doesn’t interfere with the richest proselyting hours. You’ll just have to leave church early.ALD1Antonio is going to be baptized this Sunday. We were about to move on and say goodbye to him. He wasn’t fulfilling any commitments and he just didn’t seem to be progressing.. So we tried giving another lesson on faith, but it was awful because he kept interrupting us to talk about the history of Brazil as he understands it. His understanding of how Napoleon Bonaparte got his name is funny. It is like history mixed with folksy legends. So we looked at each other and decided it would be our last visit with him, in that secret language missionary companions speak with their eyes. Then we sat in silence for 10 seconds after the prayer because I didn’t want to leave and in essence say goodbye.

Then he marked himself a date for baptism and told us about the way he has been working to break his addictions. Ways he thought up! It was incredible! Shows that it truly is the Spirit and not us that converts. He admits that tithing won’t help a whole lot because he earns basically nothing, but he already wants to clean the chapel, make visits with missionaries etc. He was also talking about me moving here and living close by to continue visiting him. He is lonely but he has the Elders as his friends

I also checked his electricity last night. The dial has changed by four numbers in the three months I’ve visited him. I guess when you are the only one in the house at night and only use one fluorescent light bulb you don’t pay a lot of electricity. His water is almost nothing too, very humble living!ALD2

Actually using jacket now. And we did a deep cleaning of the house. Attached are before and after pictures. Also my zone with President Dalton this past week at training

Got to go too. My time is out. I love you guys!

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  1. It was just a month or less you were so hot, now you are wearing a coat? You look good. We are happy your efforts have been successful with Antonio. Keep up the good work, and keep smilin’. Grandpa got a bad case of what we are calling food poisoning, but he is ok now. All is well here, we are on our way back to train in Panama next week for 4 days, and we will be home in a little over a month. You are in our prayers daily. Love, Grandma

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