Favela Figuiera Grande

Risking life and limb I fulfilled your wish and took this picture that overlooks the large favela that is Figuiera Grande proper. Not my area, it is the area of the sisters, but it gives you a general idea of a favela. I will try to send more pictures during the day, but my favelas are all in the valleys so I probably won’t get shots like this again.

Figuiera Grande

You see it’s not clear,…bus exhaust. It is a little like Las Vegas at times. Depends on the day and the part of the state you are in. Out towards Paralelos, it gets pretty bad because that is a major highway. The viella I was in Mario Marconis but I call it Mario Marconja (Marijuana) because it is constantly filled with people smoking at night. We work there;  it is about the poorest area in our area.  João Vitor, the young man with the Word of Wisdom challenge. He lives there and essentially he has become the one everyone in the ward tries to love. The Bishop and the leaders work with him. A lot of the ward runs from him, tries to call the police on him, or leaves church when he is there. The Bishop is quite impressed with the “Christ-like qualities” some have been showing. It is a  good learning opportunity for all of us.

My companion needed to renew his documents a few months ago, to do that he needs a passport. His passport got stolen when the office got robbed the transfer before I arrived. The Church can be a bit of a target. People broke into the chapel in Jardim Angela a few weeks ago and destroyed the place, ripping wire out of the walls and everything. When the office got robbed they broken in put all the missionaries into the bathroom at gun point and made away with the tv screens, computers and the safe. How are those gun control laws working for you Brazil?  If everyone had a gun, crime would drop soooo much. By the way, who is ahead in the polls, Trump or Hillary?

This is tapioca, a new food I found.  It is a ground up plant root that is kind of like flour. You put it a pan alone and cook it. Then you put something on top and flip it like an omelette. It’s really good, relatively cheap and without oil! It is not at all like tapioca in the states. It is like an indian fry bread, it is the closest thing I can think of. The outside is nice and crunchy

Street-side Tapioca


I eat it with mozzarella cheese and salt, but I will buy more ingredients to make more varieties this week.

Will  you please  send a quick bread recipe? Something nice and fluffy? Elder Burnside wants to make Pizza crust with bread rolls but his family keeps sending him recipes on Pinterest which we cannot access.

We bought doce tapioca from a street vendor  (sweet, not salty). It was a tapioca with condensed milk, banana, and coconut. This guy sells from his handcart in streets. He’s done this for 30+ years. He obviously doesn’t make a ton of money because his cart is partially cannibalized bicycle parts, but he  works very hard! Quite an inspiration to me. I don’t barter with street vendors here. I paid him the price he asked R$5. He bartered with a teen before us and sold to her for R$3. But I wanted to pay him right. It is his business and you know I admire small businesses. I only try to barter with people in Santo Amaro, because everyone knows the prices there are incredibly inflated (like Washington DC), but here in the real Brazil,  No, I have a pretty strong immune system. I haven’t gotten sick (yet) from street food.

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  1. Those pictures look a lot like Guatemala, but those are places they tell us not to go into. We pray daily for your safety and success, and maybe a transfer! Maybe I will need to step up my prayers. 🙄 We got back today from our trip to Panama to do training and enjoyed ourselves in that beautiful country. We sailed up the canal from the pacific side to the Caribbean side, went thru some jungle areas, had lunch at an ancient Fort ruins and loved every minute. Panama is rich in fascinating history. Then Sunday we went to a lovely Stake Center to train Stake Technology Specialists and Stake Presidents. It was nice. I will send a corn bread quick bread recipe to bake in a loaf pan that I make here that is good, especially with honey on it. Your mom I’m sure has some really good recipes. Be careful out there. Love, Grandma

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