Nas favelas de Sião ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

I think the Corinthians won last night… We have started divining the football game results from the favelas behind our house. I made a parody of “In Our Lovely Deseret” in Portuguese “Nas Montanhas de Sião” into “Nas favelas de Sião“. Our house flooded again! Our sink was awful, it turned itself on during the night. It was a big clean up again. We’ve gotten good with cleaning after rainstorm around here, since it feels like it’s always flooded.


What’s new at home? Doc Martins still show little wear, Brazilians laugh at us Americans for buying expensive shoes but they buy new shoes every 2 months. I think I saw an Elder once who wore through his shoes and he was tired of taking them to the cobbler so he found an old tire in the road and spent a P-Day making them fit his shoes. It was back in Capão so I don’t remember his name, met a ton of people in Capão I don’t remember. Have you guys received any news about Dia das Mães? What’s new at home? By the way Dad, everyone here says you look like Bruce Willis, just saying.


I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day. I was told that we will use Skype. That is…if I am understanding correctly; very little is spoken about it at this stage because President Dalton doesn’t want us getting trunky. He only wrote about it today because Sister Dalton has been telling him to do it for two weeks now..  I will call the day before to confirm with you

Here’s pictures of us and Brazilian style pizzas. It is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten and it is only $10 USD. Picture a crust as thick as my arm filled with chocolate. Next picture a filling about an inch and a half deep with chicken, bacon, olives, corn, cheese, etc. We order MasIsa Grossa, so the bread is far from flat, it is a really good bread! Somedays we like the crust more than the pizza. So you eat your piece which is dinner, then the border which is dessert

Brazilian Pizza

General Conference weekend was better than this past sunday where none of our investigators showed up and we had someone who was high on something strong wandering throughout the church scaring everyone. We think he was doing whatever drug of his in the bathroom because the smell there was horrible.

Mean Dog

I’m prepping so that I can send back my memory chip with photos. Have some videos too. Yes, Mom I see the photos you send. This computer is so slow. I see the small pictures, but it takes forever to open the larger view.

I miss our fast internet connection in U.S!  Here is a photo I took with Antonio in his house Tuesday night. He’s funny. We found out he has no idea what a map looks like. He was asking where the USA and Cabo Verde was, and in the process we taught him the geographical concepts of North, South, East, and West.



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  1. Great to see you enjoying yourself in Brazil. It is the people who make the experiences so great on a mission, some will disappoint you, but many will embrace your message of the gospel and will become strong members.
    Pizza looks good. Guatemalan pizza is generally bad, but now and then we enjoy Guatemalan food. We have been traveling with Don and Patti Call and have had some wonderful meals with fresh fruit and veggies. Chicken here is wonderful. Stay safe, after a training trip to Panama next month we will be ready to return home on June 10. Love you, Grandma (Hermana) Done

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