Descending the Mountain

First off a question for you:

How much would this coat cost in the USA and how much did I pay for it? It also shows I have dropped 6 suit sizes since arriving in Brazil.
JacketSo Conference was incredible. I really loved Elder Holland’s talk, who didn’t. It was surreal leaving the chapel, which is on top of a giant hill overlooking a crazy busy part of town. We really were descending a mountain. I hope we all realize what a blessing it is to have Priesthood leadership to guide us in our lives.

Transfer news. I am staying (for once). Elder R. Santos will be a District Leader on the southern reaches of the mission, Elder Burnside’s companion is getting sent north. Elder Burnside will stay. I am now senior companion in this area. No pressure….
Antonio stopped meeting with us. Broke my heart. We met Kaigue and Alanna, brother and sister. Alanna is the more interested of the two, was a member of the Adventist church but left when no one could answer her questions. Her questions were “Which church is true and how can I know?” “Why did God stop calling prophets?” “Why do we worship on Saturday if the Apostle Paul said we worship on Sunday¬†because it was the day the Lord was resurrected?” She likes our visits, only reason she didn’t watch conference is it was in Jardim Angela which can be quite a walk.
This is a crazy world we live in, but everything will be certain in the end. All things in Christ end well, and that was my lesson this week.
Love you all!

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  1. Elder Holland’s address was a favorite among many Sr Missionaries here too. The one about the million refugees was also moving, not only to Pres Uchtdorf, but to many being called to do humanitarian work in Europe and the Middle East.
    Well, how much did you pay for the coat? At least $100+ in the US. Take care…go eat something! Love, Gma

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