Brazilian Civil War or Futbol Game?

So the elephant in the room, Brazil apparently did not go into a civil war. I still do not know if Dilma was impeached or not because I do not watch the news.  I want to take a picture this week of the incinerated bus that is in the sisters’ area this week if it is still there, but I left the camera at home, we kept getting news of riots and police randomly arresting people without documents. But here’s what I do know, whatever happened it caused less commotion than a São Paulo or Corinthians game. So…. apparently not much impact in my part of the woods?

In other news, Sister Dalton commented that I’ve lost some weight. I’m now at a point where I want to gain because well, my clothes don’t fit.

Elder Burnside, the other American, has a passion for Star Wars comparable to me, but he has missed a ton of info, so P-Day is him asking questions like what is the name of the Rebel Agent who stole the Death Star Plans? It’s a nice break from our work.

Found tons of families to teach, but all of which have some sort of opposition or another. Spouse won’t allow visits to church, parents won’t allow Word of Wisdom, but we keep working.

I organized a ward activity for this week and hopefully it will work, Noite da Integração. It is actually a three ward activity and the missionaries will run it first then the wards will take over. It was fun, but stressful

Antonio is continuing to be a bit stubborn, but I am being stubborn too and refuse to give up on him. One day I think he will thank me for it. Went to the Temple this past week, it was good. My companion being the District Leader means I run all over creation with him as he makes interviews for baptism. It will be really funny to see my English decay when I get back though these letters.

Love you all. Tell Audrey not to be too discouraged. Share with her the Wisdom of Mr. Ball, “Done, when you are as successful as me people will hate you, but hey that’s how you know you are successful.“ Haha…. Love you!


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