A Week When the Elders Almost Went to Jail

It is so hot here! I am literally cooking alive.

Continuing to teach, lots of people got interested at the barbecue last week. Some pastors brought their congregations, mistake on their part. We got invited for the next one beginning of May. President Dalton (editor: smart President) will go with us this time. It will be exciting to watch.

Yeah, it was hot, but we didn’t get any thunderstorms in my area. Actually I have not seen a cloud in the sky ever since Elder Martins arrived, something we lament…..

Elder Martins of Capo Verde is my new companion. He is practically American, he was essentially the last member of his family in Capo Verde, the rest are in Boston now. He will go to the USA after the mission and study law at BYU. He has the exact same personality as Brandon Agre. It is awesome because he speaks english pretty well and has a desire to learn. The only problem is I am not used to speaking English here.  I had the hardest time trying to give a prayer in English the other day and then gave up and switched to Portuguese.

I am glad the alarm to the chapel is not silent, otherwise we would’ve forgotten we had it. Although we got all the way to the second alarm being tripped before we were able to get the security code out of Elder Bradler through the phone.

Please tell Bishop Padilla I found the word “stuff” in the Bible, 1 Samuel 10:22.

Love you all be safe!

One thought on “A Week When the Elders Almost Went to Jail”

  1. So happy to hear you are excited to teach investigators who showed up at a BBQ, there must be more to this story. And, so sorry it is so hot there. If it is this hot in the fall, what must summer be like. Keep up the good work. Love, Grandma D, aka Hermana Done

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