Rough Weeks are Harbringers to Great Weeks

First the Questions:

Where do you use computers? What is it like? (Tim)

Well young grasshopper that depends. As this week I have to visit the foot doctor for a follow up visit there is a library where I can use the internet for free. Now you get what you pay for as these machines in the library don’t have a way for me to send pictures. The keyboards have quite a lag on typing, and the machines run on Linux….

But other weeks, normal weeks we visit the LAN House. Normalish computers, but still slower than the computer I set up in the garage.

How did your operation go? What did they actually have to do? How does it feel now?

It stopped hurting after the anesthesia kicked in. But the needle going in was the worst. After that I felt nothing. So the foot doctor cut a chunk out of my toe. It is healing quite quickly. She may possibly be a little disappointed with me this week though, as I casually scratched off a bit of skin on my foot last night…nowhere near the toe. The toe itself doesn’t hurt, unless I kick something with it, which I do all the time. Roads here suck and are broken up all over the place where you least expect it.

What are you eating now? 

Beans and rice still. But in the house I have been making grilled cheese sandwiches.

Did you get a blanket? How do you keep your house warm?

Still no. Umm… there is nothing in the way of climate control in our house, except the fans. We still keep those running at night though because when we close the door to the veranda and the window the humidity in the house can be a little suffocating. We just curl into a ball and eventually fall asleep.

So this week was hard. Not going to lie. Most of our appointments fell this week. Antonio was going to be baptized yesterday, and he was excited, until he saw the water. He suddenly got very nervous and booked it out of the building quite rapidly. We’re still trying to follow up with him to find out what happened.

Elder R. Santos and I are getting along great. We are on great friendly terms, He shared the story of his conversion, which is quite cool. And we talked about a lot of other things this week, mainly practicing my grammar which is steadily improving. My vocabulary is great, but the grammar was awful. The big push this week is to get me to speak simply in words normal people understand. Elder R. Santos also is trying to get me to use a little bit of a rougher tone so I don’t sound “gay” when I speak.

Still hate wearing crocs.

We celebrated the birthday of Sister Thomas last P-Day. Yes the same set of Sisters from Parque Luiza followed me here. Never mind the fact that they were here 5 weeks before me, they followed me here. It has given me some perspective though, as they are testament to my improving Portuguese.

Elder Burnside established a rule yesterday that we only speak English in the house every other day. Speaking English is a little weird now.

Found a family really receptive to our message this week, just 4 doors down from Antonio. It is exciting for next week.

I found out last night that Capão Redonão (I really have given up on trying to spell it right) is notoriously the most dangerous barrio in the region. That explains the police presence now…. How did I find out? I am starting to understand a little the music that blasts out of peoples’ cars. Also that is another thing I find truly as annoying as my crocs, speakers that fill the backseat and trunk area of a car. I am not exaggerating that the asphalt shakes at the noise.

Ponderizing Acts 5:40-42 this week with Elder R. Santos this week. I am also making Peter the apostle a subject of my study this week.

Hope all is well with everyone there.  Love you all

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