I Survived Easter Week in Brazil!

It really wasn’t that intense… the worst that happened is no one was home all week. So we had along week of walking in streets deprived of anyone sober and with a family. Lots of people invited us to revisit them. Follow ups yet to bring much results.

We met one guy that was really cool, name is Sebastian. He told us he doesn’t really like religion because none of the pastors are straightforward and only talk about what makes people feel light and happy. Never something that makes people want to change and be better. So during our first lesson with him we watched a talk by Elder Holland. He invited us back for Tuesday just before (someone, him or a friend of his?) goes in for Chemotherapy.

I was worried Antonio died this week! I didn’t see him all week, but ran into him Sunday morning as he was preparing to leave again. It is quite worrying when you are an older gentleman who lives about 500 miles away from any family.

Speaking Portuguese easily now. It comes naturally.

The buses continue to make me sick. I threw up this morning on the bus. I hate them; back to losing weight. I need to somehow acquire a leather punch and start punching  holes in my belt.

How are things at home? I keep hearing hearsay about terrorist attacks in Belgium, one of our investigators told us she heard about a football field in the US that was bombed.  Please tell me!

Love you all hope you are all safe, please write me!

2 thoughts on “I Survived Easter Week in Brazil!”

  1. I really enjoy your posts that you are sending to us from your mission. All is well here and just very busy with my daily activities. Glad to hear that your foot is healing and hopefully the sulpur smell will soon go away. Hope you can get a good night sleep with your new blanket. Enjoy the pomegranates when they ripen. Here is a poem that you wrote to me when you were about 6 years old when I gave you a book about Thomas Jefferson. Donna with all flowers in bloom this summer take a sniff on them and they will cheer you up. The birds tweet happily in their nest. The butterflies are dancing in the air. Enjoy this sight, brighten your day and put a smile on your face. by Andrew Done. That poem is in a frame on the wall near my computer.
    Take care, Donna

  2. Easter week was interesting here as well. The streets were empty, that was wonderful, we think they all left for the beach or Antigua, big tourist town, where they have huge street processions carrying huge barges on their shoulders and walking thru ornate street decorations called alfumbras…something like that. We went last year with thousands of our “close” friends. Unfortunately, they do not concentrate on the Atonement and lessons there. Stay healthy and eat better so your mission doesn’t affect your health for life. We fly home from our mission on June 10. We will miss our time here.
    Love you, Gma (Hermana) Done

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