This Week in Figuiera Grande

EldersDone&SantosSo I survived surgery but am confined to Crocs for the foreseeable future. I have not played soccer any P-Day because none of my companions like soccer, and soccer quads aren’t the best of places. Here the local soccer quad, which I pass every day, reeks of marijuana. Actually public marijuana usage and such is common, unfortunately, but before I rant, I press forward. Did not send my ballot because I only now have a post office nearby, but I will vote for the General.

No big changes on the daily happening teaching. Got one baptism this week, Dildazil, although everyone calls him Bobo (translated it means “Stupid”). I was at first surprised when Elder Santos called him such, but I guess it is normal? I let Elder Santos do the talking on that one.
I have a cool experience about Priesthood blessings to send next week.
Teaching Elder R. Santos English is fun. I got to unload a lot of my Portuguese learning books on him. They don’t help me anymore, but they can sure help him. The push during language study has been to make me sound less like a book when I talk. I think it is working, although I’m also picking up a bit of words from up north, where Elder Santos is from, which is like a Texan dilalect.
Passed 3 months in the mission this past week. Woo do the days fly.
I really wish I had more to say this week, but not really much has happened except my croc since I wrote last week.
Editor’s Note: Back and forth between Father and Son
Today we left the house late. We had to do some serious cleaning. And we had to install our new stove. The kitchen is now finally dry, the refrigerator started leaking this week and the sink got backed up the stench was awful. The refrigerator stopped leaking and we think we’ve fixed the kitchen sink. We’re still using the veranda sink though, just to be safe.
Jucatiba is the farthest area away. It is the largest area; it has a branch of about 10 members. It is out in the farmland.
QUESTION: Do you have to wear a jacket?
We are required to wear jackets to Sunday meetings, meetings with Mission President, and other church leaders. Mission rules. Also it is beginning to get cold here. It is almost like October in Virginia. I might break down and buy a blanket next P-Day. No one knows farenheit here. So I am forced to learn the metric system. Now it is about 15 C, Apparently it gets into the 40s  (4 degrees C) by July.
Just so you know though there is nothing in the way of tourism attractions anywhere here. Only the racetrack but that is far and outside my current zone.
Oh we have a dog! Sort of. Moroni lives at the church building and feeds off of leftovers of mutual activities and barbecue from the barbecue place across the road. He eats more barbecue than me. Bishop allows him to stay, because he always comes back no matter how often he gets chased off, and he chases other strays away. He not only smells like Winston, but acts like him too. He can walk around the church building when people are there, but he is not allowed on the benches. But he does so anyways when no one is looking. He growls a little when you push him off, but otherwise he is quite docile. Loves belly rubs.
About Cousin Eph. Congrats!!!!! My Portuguese is pretty good. My accent is disappearing, it is less than some americans with a year under their belt. My only problem is grammar. But we have an hour each day to work on that.

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