Stinky Feet and Pomegranates

So my foot is not completely healed, but it is well enough (and honestly I am sick of not wearing shoes) that I have put back on my Dr. Martens. We figured out why I scratched my feet, I am allergic to crocs. Didn’t know that was even possible, now I have a nice cream to apply to my feet about 3 times each day. A nice side effect is everything is healing incredibly quickly now, a bad side effect is the main ingredient is sulfur. So I smell sulfur all the time. I finally broke and bought a blanket this morning. We eat oranges and bananas here, cheap stuff that helps our stomach hold everything together. Pomegranate trees are quite common in the streets and while I predict we are still a few months away from when we can harvest, I look forward with much anticipation to eating pomegranates. The Brazilians don’t believe me when I tell them they are quite expensive in the USA.

I was going to write Tim back, but I ran out of time writing to President Dalton. I will write him this week.

Oh my, ┬áit was another rough week. Not as bad as last week, or at least I think so, or I’m just getting used to it. Finally talked with Antonio, so we sat down with him and helped him make a plan. We follow up as often as we can, and he does seem to be making strides. I think it is good he recognizes such things in his life and wants to be baptized, I think it will help him immensely as he prepares for the Temple.

Speaking of temple, we have a lot of new investigators, really cool and accept really well. We just need to marry them before they can be baptized so we don’t have a date for baptism yet.

In regards to the snippets of Brazilian news I get. These feelings towards the President have been brewing ever since the election. Her opponent died in a plane crash that has yet to be investigated, and many other things. There were riots all across Brazil, in fact there was a rather large demonstration in Riveria, which is about 10 streets away from my area. I just try not to mention the Olympics because that is a subject most Brazilians get quite mad about, they hate it.

Easter Week has started. Funny thing is all the churches around here are using pictures of the Church, our pictures. One banner has a picture of a prophet preaching to the people; only thing is I know that picture. It is a painting of Lehi preaching to Jerusalem from the primary kids’ Book of Mormon Stories Book. I pointed this out to Elder Santos, he said that isn’t the biggest thing they take as they also take away some of the ordinances we do, including temple ones, etc.

Palm Sunday was yesterday. Passed a parade of people waving Palm branches and singing on the way to meet Antonio yesterday.

Not much else I can think of right now. Hope all is well with you guys!

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  1. Hang in there, you will be guided to those who will accept this glad message. Aunt Kerrie and her girls and Meredith and her family are all in SLC for Conference this weekend and loving Conference. Our Area President, Kevin Duncan, that we work with here in Guatemala spoke in the Saturday morning session on Forgiveness. He is a good man. That is the session the Hancocks and granddaughters went to. The closing hymn for that session was over the top spectacular. We keep you in our prayers daily. Stay safe. Love, Grandma

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