What’s a Zika Virus?

ZikaVirusZika virus? What is that? This is the first time I’m hearing about it. Well not true, it is graffitied on some walls, but I thought  it was a name, or a gang. So no I have not heard anything about the Zika virus.

Meat. Ha! The meat in the restaurants in the states is SOOOOO expensive. It’s rice and beans every day here. I’ve taken to preparing pasta for myself, but it is very simple no tomato sauce, just a light olive oil dressing. When we do get meat, it is either chicken, or if they really want to treat us, sausage. This area is still poor, and much bigger than the last area. But instead of a ton of bars they have an even bigger number of beauty salons.

The area is safer because there is a much bigger police presence here. And the police do not mess around here. Elder Neves doesn’t like or trust the police. The civil police are not as heavily armed, but it is the military police that are the big boys, and there are tons of them. The other day I saw a group of the military police patrolling the train station just carrying their assault rifles out and around. Last night, I saw something that would never happen in the states. We were waiting at a bus stop and two guys walked past us. When they got about 15 feet away a military police vehicle (they all drive at least SUVs here) pulled up alongside them and a police man pointed his gun at them from inside the car and told them to get up against the wall. All four police in the vehicle exited and proceeded to search them, two kept a watch out with assault rifles.

Speaking of the States, thank you for the update. I’ve taken to singing all three verses of the Star Spangled Banner each morning to remind me that I am an American. Elder Neves and the other Brazilians don’t understand patriotism.

Had a baptism this week! Caio! I will send pictures next week; my adaptor for some reason is not working. It was great though, and he’s helping us teach others now and prepare them for baptism. He will be a good missionary.

Funny you should mention me speaking with natives. My first week here I met a Brazilian who spoke really good English. He explained to me that he lived in Virginia when he was younger and started talking about his genealogy. He claims descendance from the Linton Family and could describe the cemetery to me very well. He was happy when I told him about my Eagle project. It was so cool!

My Portuguese is really good. My accent is still very strong though. Most people I can understand unless they are from the South, they speak Portuguese with a German accent.

All is well. We’re looking at a successful week ahead and we just keep going. Jacob is doing well in the CTM and is very happy.

Love you all do not worry and be happy!

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  1. So you can go into the salons and get a new do!
    Great to hear that all is going well and you are busy with investigators.

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