Something about Vegetarianism


Happy P-Day,

So today I will try to send pictures. This computer is really slow at uploading photos though so I cannot send a lot.


Much more settled this week. We had torrential rain that turned the roads into waist high rivers. I made sure to wash my feet a lot after that. My week has been good, lots of work. We taught a lot and have two people on date for baptism this week. We brought six investigators to the chapel this Sunday and they were wonderfully received.

As for allowance… that is an interesting topic for you to bring up. We receive R$ 160 every 15 days. And for two weeks I have been averaging R$20 for groceries for two weeks.  I have been eating vegetarian for the last week (it is horrifying). The members have not been able to receive us for meals and have instead just been giving us money.  I think I need to buy myself some meat today, even if it is only spam. So I have been eating well, but I will eat better this week. I am eating healthy though, I have actually lost a ton of weight since I got here, that and I drink 10-12 liters of water each day.

On the matter of my feet. They don’t really blister anymore, I noticed two days ago they have become leathery and hard. My shoes are still going strong, really I haven’t noticed much wear on them yet (knock on wood).

Oh what else can I say? I can now read the Book of Mormon in Portuguese with little problem. But when I speak people can tell right away I am not Brazilian. Apparently I have an accent.
I hope all is well with you guys at home. The checkerboard house was our last house in São Marcos. The view is from our temporary apartment here in Campo de Fora. And the other is to show how much I’ve tanned in 3 weeks.


Love you all. Thanks for the picture.

2 thoughts on “Something about Vegetarianism”

  1. It is so great to be able to read your posts of your adventures on your mission. Stay safe and hope you find some meat to go with your vegetables. So happy to hear that you have some some investigators and hope all goes well with them.

  2. Good thing you have a built in sunscreen since you are half Filipino. Wish you well andrew. What is the most surprising thing you learned since being there?

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