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Guess what I’ve been transferred! Due to complications I only slightly understand (because President Dalton and my companion were speaking very fast Portuguese when we were talking on the phone) the area where I was previously serving has been closed to missionaries until further notice. I am now in Capao Redonao am and opening a new area. This is quite intense. Whereas last area there was another set of elders to help us cover the area we are currently the only companionship in the area (which is twice the size of our last area) and we don’t live in the area currently. We live the next ward over with the Assistants. Yes they moved me in with the Assistants (who have taught me the importance of why elders should keep a clean apartment) and it is a little cramped. We think we found a house in our new area two days ago, and we’re looking at all the red tape to clear it with the mission office, I’ll let elder Neeves deal with that. Yes dad is he quite hard on me and makes sure that we work as much as possible, which is good. I do not think there has been a day yet where we’ve been home before 9:30 when we absolutely need to be inside our home.
The area book we scavenged from the old missionary home in our area is so out of date that we’re starting from scratch. It would appear that it has been almost 2 years since missionaries have been here, so we are starting from scratch. The ward here was so happy to receive us and actually has been doing a great job of keeping up the work. The members brought 7 investigators to church with them yesterday!!!!
Just heard from Elder Neerings he’s doing well. Also on that note Jacob Hawker is now a set apart Missionary of the Church! Woooooo!
It sounds like you guys had quite the snow storm, no such thing here. Still can’t send pictures have not been able to look for an adaptar yet. Will do today, maybe. We keep busy, really busy.
This area is interesting. There is much closer lines between rich and poor, and I notice that the police are more present around the rich areas of town. I think they primarily protect the wealthy.
We have a couple families to teach now, and they are really receptive to the gospel. We actually have a family of 4 working towards baptism as of yesterday. Since the area is so large we see potential to split the ward and it is very possible to do. I’ll probably be here for a while anyways….

2 thoughts on “New Area – Capao Redonao”

  1. We have been praying you to a safer, more receptive place. Yes, cleanliness (in a missionary apt.) is next to Godliness.
    So glad you are feeling more welcomed in your new area.

  2. I love these updates and was happy to get caught up on the ones I missed. I will share them with the family for FHE tonight. Thank you for your testimony in Portuguese. I’ve always felt a special spirit when prayers or testimonies are offered in a foreign language. Please know that you are in our prayers every night. We pay for your safety, comfort, ability to learn the language and effectively share the gospel. We love you! –Auntie Zoo

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