Greetings from São Marcos

Most of the people here do not know how to read, the roads are mud, and there are enough stray dogs to revolt against the human population. I have not taken any pictures of my area since I do not think it wise to take my camera (or anything of value) outside of the house.

Let me explain some funny things about the area. The village is São Marcos, but the city I’m in is called Embu das Artes. My goodness the politicians here would make Congress look on them with disgust. Every corner I turn there is the same face smiling at me, a candidate’s picture. When I first asked Elder Neeves who’s that guy, he simply replied “a robber”. What’s more there is a fleet of cars that drive around the city with giant speakers delivering messages about the “Gentleman of Gentlemen” the “Person of the City” advertising this person. I asked if it was an election year. Apparently they just had it and he just won, but the signs are all new and fresh. It made me think of a scripture 2 Timothy 3:1-7.

They also alternate their churches here. There’s the big Catholic Church at the top of the hill, São Marcos, but there are tons of churches all throughout the village. It goes something like this: you have an evangelical church, then a bar, then an Adventist church, then a bar, and then another bar. Some people we’ve talked to have even explicitly claimed the bar as their church.

We spend a lot of time in the fuvellas. They always smell like a sewer. There are rats running in the street and waste is thrown into the street. When I say street I mean the passageway between the “structures” which is really only wide enough for an Elder Neeves sized person to fit through. Good thing I have been losing weight. Actually when I was in the supermarket today a sister commented that my cheeks are getting a little thinner.

We get fed lunch everyday by members, which is usually rice and beans. Otherwise food is up to us.

I can’t send pictures I have taken yet, there is no sd card slot in this computer, I will have to borrow Elder Herbert’s adapter next week. I can send you these pictures though.

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