Last Week in the MTC

Dear Family,
Jesus the ChristWhile here Sister Ashford who drew a picture of our district and gave us all a copy of ourselves. It’s become the bookmark in my copy of Jesus the Christ, which is a really good book.
Elder Neerings and I played Cockroach Hockey yesterday. And our lessons are going really well (of course they are as we now have only 3 lessons left before we leave each other). All of our friends from other districts left this week and now we are the oldest American District. We are planning great things for our last P-Day as a District. We found the address of one of our instructors who lives within our P-Day boundaries. He said we’d never find it. Today’s his birthday and we’ll surprise him.
My Mission Office address is as follows, I can receive small envelope packages there, but nothing bigger.
Elder Andrew Limpin Done
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Mission
Rua Comendador Elias Zarzur 365
Santo Amaro, 04736-000 Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil
The language is coming along nicely, I held a nice conversation with a brother in the temple today and didn’t pause or have to look for words. And our new roommates also going to interlagos, dont speak a lick of english so its good practice. These emails are essentially my english practice as my english is more and more getting worse. I try to use flowery language in the evenings with neerings, but he lets me know that nobody, not even english speakers understand me when I try to sound like the Son of Isaiah.
Hope all’s well at home. My hands are so unused to typing, its so slow moving.
Eu se Meu Salvador vive. Eu se isso porque Ele morreu por nos, nos podemos vive com Ele e Deus depois esta vida. Eu estou na Brasil ensinar todos os filhos de Deus sobre este messagem feliz, isso A Igreja de Jesus Cristo e na terra denovu, resturando por Joseph Smith.
Love you guys,
Elder Done

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  1. Good to hear from you, Elder. Shortly you’ll have challenges praying in English in public. Continue praying in English for your personal prayers. Father understands even unspoken languages but you express yourself better to Him in your birth language. I hope you do everything necessary to remain fluent in your “mission language” after your service. Living in the DC area should make it easier.

    One thing we did as a district as we left the MTC (LTM) was fun. It was the practice then that each departing district, leaving for their field of service, was to be in charge of a sacrament meeting. Elder Zwick from Salt Lake City had his mom bring us all bowties to wear on our Sunday. All 10 of us sat on the stand in a row and all of us had identical bowties. We all sat with our right ankle on our left knee and then all in unison crossed our right knee with our left ankle. We got to do that three times and then the first counselor in the mission presidency came up to the stand and told our district leader that we wouldn’t like what happened next if we didn’t shape up.

    We spent a week in the mission home in SLC as we reported to our mission and then went to Provo for language training, for three months. For those of us going to Argentina, it was an additional month while we had to wait for our visa. As we in the district compared stories, it turned out that ALL FIVE COMPANIONSHIPS(!!) short sheeted the beds in our rooms at the SLC mission home on the Saturday we left. They gave us clean sheets and towels to put in the room as we left and told us to make the beds for the next companions coming the next week. That Saturday morning before leaving for Provo we had a final meeting about how to behave as missionaries and representatives of the Lord. They assured all 300 of us that only immature young men who needed to be more humble and who still needed to repent would short sheet the beds. It was too late to go back and undo our “sinfulness” so my companion and I just hung our head in remorse. Turned out that all of us in the district had to do more repenting, ALL TEN OF US(!).

    Also turned out that we must have. Comparing experiences in the mission home in Córdoba as we were leaving, two years later, we figured the 10 of us had baptized (contacted, taught and baptized) more than 350 Argentinos with our various companions. Two of the 10 of use were asked to extend their mission and both went to Cochabamba, Bolivia to set up the teaching of the gospel there. (Two other elders in the district just a week behind us were asked to extend their mission as well. Elders Hinkley – Elder Hinckley’s youngest son – and McConkie – Bruse R’s youngest son – went to Spain to open up the country for teaching the gospel.) There is a temple Cochabamba now, their second in Bolivia. That was Elders Zwick and Lawrence who went.

    Have fun, young grasshopper. This is one of the best times in your life!

  2. Elder Grasshopper, it’s always good to hear from you. Keep all of us up to date. It’s interesting how families at home are blessed through your service and sacrifice. There isn’t a direct, visible link we can see on this mortal side of life but it surely exists. I think back to the time when your dad was serving on his mission. We were living as a family in Southern California at the time. There, it was very noticeable when we were cared for by Father in Heaven because it was in such contrast to the normal environment that inflicts that part of the United States. As we serve here in Central America and as you serve there, it becomes so apparent how truly blessed we are with so many blessings because of who we are and where we were born.

    I agree with you that some of our politically correct little darlings in the United States would benefit in seeing how most of the rest of the world lives. Be obedient and be effective. You’ll remember both of those for the rest of your life.

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